About Us

ALH is the market-leading publication that covers the aerial, telehandler, mast climbing and rental industries across North America.

From best business practices to executive insights and interviews, ALH’s eight issues a year provide useful and topical information that reaches nearly 14,000 readers. From independent and corporate equipment rental companies to manufacturers and suppliers, ALH’s readership is highly targeted and dynamic, ensuring the right people in the right industries receive and read the magazine.

The magazine began in 2007 as a supplement to sister publication American Cranes & Transport. The positive response from readers and advertisers alike was all it took for publisher KHL Group to establish Access, Lift & Handlers (ALH) as a stand-alone title.

ALH is the official North American magazine of the International Powered Access Federation and is also a member of the Scaffold & Access Industry Association and the California Rental Association.

The magazine’s success has paved the way for ALH to expand beyond print. ALH now produces podcasts, webinars, video interviews, e-newsletters, digital editions with expanded rich media and the annual ALH Conference, North America’s premier access and rental industry event.

During its 15-year existence, ALH’s substantial growth and evolution has proven its importance and place within the market. We look forward to continuing that for the next 15 years and beyond.

Editor: Lindsey Anderson, lindsey.anderson@khl.com, (312) 929-4409

Vice president, sales: Tony Radke, tony.radke@khl.com, (602) 721-6049

Website: www.accesslifthandlers.com

Publisher: KHL Group, www.khl.com