Managing Machines for Safer, More Secure Worksites

01 November 2021


How telematics-enabled access control is shaping the future of construction

Split-second decisions can have permanent consequences. About 150,000 injuries occur on construction worksites annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those accidents, a certain number each year will be fatal. The 2019 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reported 1,066 fatalities in construction and extraction occupations, the highest total since 2007, representing a 6% increase in deaths. Even with proper training, strict regulatory adherence, and rigorous safety protocols, human error is inevitable. What else can be done to ensure safe, secure, and ultimately productive worksites?

Access Management
As machine learning continues to evolve, so too does its real-world applications. ZTR Access Management solutions harness the power of telematics to provide rental companies, private fleet managers, and OEMs precise control over machine operations. Controlling who can access equipment and when it can be accessed has far-reaching benefits. Worksite safety and equipment security are two of the major driving forces behind the company’s flagship products and services.

The ONE i3 user portal and its accompanying Near Me App are centerpieces of Access Management. Combined with a series of hardware devices – including keypads, RFID cards, tags, and gateways – users can access comprehensive data from their connected equipment, including location, usage details, fuel levels, diagnostics, and more. The system provides rich insights that can lead to more efficient operations.

Benefits of Connected Equipment

Access Management allows rental business owners, foremen, and other managers to designate specific equipment operators to certain pieces of equipment. These individuals can access machinery only by using an activated RFID card or by entering a numeric code on a keypad. These safeguards ensure that only qualified operators are able to use equipment. With full control of machine access, the incidence of injuries and fatalities on worksites can be significantly reduced.

Besides preventing unsafe equipment operation on worksites, Access Management also protects against equipment theft. Only authorized personnel can activate and operate machinery outfitted with ZTR telematics devices, however there is a second layer of security available. If and when someone attempts to steal connected equipment, remote command functionality means that equipment can be disabled from anywhere. In this way, telematics provides a built-in security system for all connected equipment.

Preventing accidents and equipment theft translates into less time and money spent unnecessarily. The insights gained from telematics allow business owners to increase machine uptime and create more productive worksites by pinpointing problems and solving them quickly. For instance, rental business owners can easily track machine hours to determine a lessee’s actual usage, eliminating uncertainty in billing. More accurate billing means fewer discrepancies and disputes, ultimately leading to higher profits.

Get Connected
Telematics is driving the future of construction, connecting equipment to the cloud and connecting customers to the data they need. As digitization continues to sweep the industry, companies are faced with a choice – maintain the status quo in equipment monitoring or look forward and seize an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Embracing new technology can sometimes be challenging at first, but it pays dividends. ZTR is dedicated to promoting the benefits of advanced telematics and helping to connect the world of construction one piece of equipment at a time. The future is insight.

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