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Upgraded Schindler Climb Lift goes to work on marquee high-rise projects
First use of Climb Lift’s new formwork integration will be in Hamburg, and Schindler’s first installation in the Middle East is scheduled in Dubai
Project wrap: 16 stories of scaffolding
East Coast Rigging & Scaffolding of Florida recently erected 16 levels of scaffolding for a job in Coral Gables
Project report: Topping the Pru
Boston to get a new view with the help of Marr Scaffolding Company
Trekker, Layher redefine high rise work
Challenging Gulf project called for the use of CAD software and FlexBeam technology 
Brewer finishes high-rise scaffolding project
Brewer Equipment Company recently completed a multi-phased project at Forsyth Medical Center, constructing eight, 15-rise scaffold towers with staircase access
Project report: high-rise monorail in Philadelphia
Constructing the new Arthaus Condominium Building called for a unique solution from Superior Scaffold 
High winds cause scaffold collapse
High winds with gusts of up to 50 mph are said to have been the cause of a scaffolding collapse on Dec. 11 in Etna, PA
Trident and ULMA raise ‘tallest skycraper in Brooklyn’
US contractor uses specialist formwork system from ULMA for 73-storey-high 9 Dekalb Avenue project
Reynolds Equipment tackles delicate job
Reynolds Equipment in Wisconsin recently used a Magni RTH 6.35 to complete a number of tasks
C.J. Shaughnessy tackles tricky job with Magni
C.J. Shaughnessy Mobile Crane Service rented a Magni RTH 5.25 from Empire Crane for a recent Cambridge job
Custom suspended solution from Spider
Spider provided custom suspended access for installation of window walls on the new 16-story Centre 425 commercial office development in Bellevue, Washington, US
Massive scaffold collapse in Houston
Six people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries
Spider supplies access in Seattle
A 10-story building in need of glass repair work was outfitted with Spider swingstages
Atlantic Hoisting provides hoists and platforms for One World Trade Center project
Atlantic Hoisting and Scaffolding chose RAXTAR and Hydro Mobile to provide hoists and mast climbing work platforms in order to help build One World Trade Center formerly known as the Freedom Tower in New York. Both companies have joined forces with New York's Atlantic Hoisting and Scaffolding to create an access solution that transports people and material to each floor of the projected 1,776-foot-high structure.
Peri climbs Canada's curves
Peri's RCS climbing protection panel system is helping work on two curvaceous skyscraper towers progress quickly and safely. The towers are part of Canada's Absolute World City Center in Mississauga.
Special Report: Tall Buildings 2010 now available
Special Report: Tall Buildings 2010, the third in KHL's series of Special Reports, is now available to buy via KHL's Information Store.
Intellectual money - Mastclimbers' Kevin O'Shea on the potential for profit
At the International Powered Access Federation's 2009 Summit in Dublin, Ireland, last year Kevin O'Shea of Atlanta-based Mastclimbers LLC gave a presentation on the potential for increased profit through inventive use of mast climbing work platforms. Here, he gives some examples.
Spider hoists work on San Diego project
Two SC1000 hoists from Spider recently worked on the Pinnacle Museum Tower Condominium in San Diego, CA.
Spider climbs Denver condos
Three high rise Denver condos create interesting challenges for Spider.
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